Shipping and Maritime

The Import and Export Industry does not only cover the logistics of the business’s operation in land, sea & air; but it also involves a comprehensive legal obligation to abide by. If you are an individual or a business that deals regularly with import & export, then an on-call legal consultant specialized in that matter is majorly recommended to have.

Most disputes arising out of these areas are greatly based on contract and tort legal articles in the Jordanian Civil Law and in Maritime Trade Law. Tort law allows individuals who have had an offense committed against them to claim damages against the person who has committed the offence; such as negligence, personal injury, strict liability, goods damage.
What does Sahouri Law Offer?

  • Handling of insurance issues regarding cargo on ships, civil matters between owners of vessels and passengers, as well as piracy issues.

  • Representation for both local and foreign maritime companies on a wide range of transactions related to shipping and maritime law.

  • Consultancy and representation in disposals, leasing, insurance, licensing and financing of maritime transactions.

  • Drafting, review and advise on shipping and maritime agreements such as private equity, sale/purchase, carriage and loan agreements, as well as bills of lading.

  • Cutting edge solutions to clients in contentious matters related to tax, loss or destructions goods, pollutions and vessel arrests.

Who can Sahouri Law help?

  • Shipping companies, banks, insurance companies, oil and gas companies as well as government departments and entities.

Why Sahouri Law?

  • The law firm is the most preferred advisor in shipping and maritime issues in Jordan.

  • The law firm’s team of lawyers not only understands Jordan’s maritime legal and regulatory framework, but also has unparalleled understanding of the maritime market in Jordan.