Sahouri Law was found in 1965 by Advocate Essam Sahouri, in Amman- Jordan & has since grown in recognition as one of the most effective & notable law firms in the Kingdom. Today, the law firm represents a full-service legal entity practicing law in Jordan, Middle East & GCC.

For over fifty five years, Sahouri Law has guided its clients through times of crisis and times of opportunity. The law firm’s dedication to providing personalized service and practical legal counsel has gained the law firm the trust and respect of its clients; resulting in a broad clientele base.

While the law firm is proud of its heritage, it looks towards the future with a commitment to meet the ever-changing challenges of modern times.



Found, in 1965, on the principles of honesty, integrity and provision of high-quality legal services, Sahouri Law is recognized as one of Jordan’s premier law firms. The law firm’s 55+ years of legal experience uniquely positions the law firm as one of the most knowledgeable of the local market and the legal and regulatory environment in Jordan; enabling the law firm to offer legal solutions with a seamless & speedy approach. In addition to the law firm’s active presence & practice in Jordan, it has established strategic networks and alliances across 30 jurisdictions to offer the best legal services across all practice & geographical areas.

Sahouri Law combines a team of productive, particular, ethical and professional lawyers; covering 15 law practice areas, with an excellent track record. The premium legal solutions offered by the law firm has contributed to its outstanding reputation;
as a leading legislative service provider, in Jordan and beyond.

Sahouri Law’s clients include banking institutions, insurance companies, ICT companies, private equity funds, property development firms, real estate developers, construction firms, telecommunication companies, pharmaceutical companies, multinational companies, Non-Governmental organizations, among others.


To be the leading legal firm for legal services & solutions in Jordan and the Middle East.


  • To deliver highly experienced, efficient, and pioneering legal representation to our clients in a timely manner and at an affordable cost.
  • To deliver tailored & effective solutions to individuals & businesses of all sizes.
  • To deliver superior traditional and non-traditional legal services tailored to any budget.


The law firm was found on the philosophies of honesty, integrity and high-quality legal services.


  • Client-oriented
  • Diverse
  • Top quality
  • Transparency
  • Value-for-money
  • Timely


Why Sahouri Law?

  • The law firm understands & navigates through complex areas of the Jordanian law.
  • The law firm will guide you through every step involved in the legal process of your case and will take the time to fully explain your options along with the outcomes.
  • The law firm’s advice is practical with an eye toward satisfying your needs in the most cost effective and timely manner.
  • Sahouri Law is dedicated to leading companies and individuals through the proper and most efficient legal process of law.
  • The law firm ensures its clients timely, personalized, professional and practical legal assistance that is designed to maximize desired outcomes.
  • Sahouri Law will help you understand & navigate through the complex areas of law, which can be discomforting & confusing.
  • Sahouri Law will guide you through every step in the legal process and take the time to fully explain your options.
  • The law firm’s advice is practical with an eye towards satisfying your needs in the most cost-effective and timely manner.