Regulatory and Compliance Governance

The team at Sahouri Law provides expert advisory services on US, EU & UN rules, regulations & sanctions around the world. The law firm can help & assist both local and international clients ensure full compliance and adherence to international laws and regulations, in relation to the Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs) and sanctioned countries, as well as ensure the reduction of the client’s liabilities.
What does Sahouri Law Offer?

  • Legal consultancy and advice on the regulatory and compliance framework relating to different industries in Jordan and its key jurisdictions.

  • Accurate advisory services and regulatory audits in relation to areas such as banking, securities, oil and gas, mining, cross boarder commercial transactions, investigations and antitrust matters.

  • Legal consultancy on internal regulatory matters, in relation to the conduct of the companies’ directors and officers, internal controls, money laundering, fraud and bribery, risk management and misconduct.

  • Strategy development & drafting, in full compliance with all applicable regulations; to safeguard the business/entity and its reputation.

Why Sahouri Law?

  • Our practitioners have a deep understanding of regulations and sanctions imposed by bodies such as the European Union, the United Nations, and countries across the world in relation to matters such as investment and Specifically Designated Nations (SDNs).