Insurance and Personal Injury

Sahouri Law has been known for being a specialist in all areas of insurance issues. The law firm provides business and personal insurance recommendations for property, life, medical liability, risk management, compensation claims, personal injury, catastrophic injury claims, and major disasters. As a matter of fact, we are highly regarded for our expertise in managing complex claim issues and settlements.
What does Sahouri Law Offer?

  • Corporate insurance, reinsurance, regulatory compliance, professional and product liability, compensation and personal injury matters.

  • Advice and representation in personal injury cases

  • The law firm employs the most suitable means of resolving personal injury disputes including negotiation, arbitration and litigation.

  • Legal representation for claimants and/or defendants.

Who can Sahouri Law help?

  • individuals, insurance companies, banks, professionals, multinational and local companies and government entities.

Why Sahouri Law?

  • The law firm’s team understands the sensitive nature of personal injury and accordingly works to secure the most favorable outcomes for its clients.

  • With their competence and combined experience, our legal team is the most experienced in personal injury litigation.