Taxation & Customs

Sahouri Law is one of the only specialized law firms in Jordan in the Taxation area. Sahouri Law guides individuals and corporate clients through the complex compliance requirements of income tax, general sales tax, custom tax amongst others. Moreover, the law firm is proactive in assisting clients to identify, prepare, and improve tax issues related to broad business objectives, specific transactions, and individual needs.
What does Sahouri Law Offer?

  • Consultancy & representation for Tax liability and tax planning, Income tax, general sales tax and customs tax.

  • Effective tax planning and structuring in a wide range of commercial transactions, including real estate, banking and finance, joint ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, reorganizations, spinoffs, debt and equity offerings.

  • Tax assessments, tax related investigations and offences, tax refund claims, tax warranties and indemnities.

  • The law firm ensures that its clients are fully aware of the tax implications related to every transaction and y guides them in coming up with effective and viable tax solutions.

  • Sahouri Law can represent clients in disputes brought before the Customs Court, the law firm also assists in resolving customs litigation, particularly with regards to classifications and compliance with applicable tariff and duties.

  • In case of trademark infringements, customs officials take measures and Sahouri Law takes actions. The law firm handles border detentions in collaboration with the firm’s specialized colleagues in the Intellectual Property Department

Who can Sahouri Law help?

  • Individuals & businesses.

  • Different sectors including agriculture, finance, technology, banking, and professional service sectors.

Why Sahouri Law?

  • Our practitioners have exceptional expertise regarding Jordan’s different taxes

  • Sahouri Law’s lawyers have experience in resolving and advising on tax disputes, before administrative bodies and courts, whenever tax matters become contentious.