Jordan Investment Law

As an investor, your biggest challenge yet is to legally safeguard your investment in every way and from any legal or mischievous loophole possible. As long as you have the peace of mind knowing that your investment is legally secured & protected, you have all the time & ability to worry about less concerning matters…

Whether you are a local or foreign investor in Jordan, working with Sahouri Law as your consultant & legal representative would be the smartest part of your investment.
What does Sahouri Law Offer?

  • Handling of legal processes applicable on foreign investment.

  • Representation of processes applicable on foreign investment.

  • Innovative and appropriate strategies regarding investment structuring and licensing.

  • Assistance in setting up different investment vehicles, including companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships and trusts.

  • Assistance in complying with different laws and regulations including those on taxation, employment, consumer protection, labor law, data protection, among others.

  • Assistance to Jordanian entities in negotiating and reaching appropriate share arrangements with foreign investors.

  • Assistance to foreign and domestic clients achieve economic prosperity and be fully compliant with the regulatory environment in Jordan.

Why Sahouri Law?

  • Sahouri Law has one of the most active and highly regarded investment law practices in Jordan.

  • Sahouri Law’s practice is well known for its efficient and reliable facilitation of foreign investment and business set up services.

  • Sahouri Law has a clear understanding of the social, economic and political environment in Jordan, making us the most effective investment law practitioners in Jordan.