Real Estate Law

Buying, Selling, Renting Residential or Commercial Properties, Leasing, Loans, Mortgages, Constructions, Licenses and Transactions, Imposed Taxes. In addition to land disputes such as Pre-emption, Expropriation, Trespassing and Impurities Removal.
What does Sahouri Law Offer?

  • Due Diligence and Investigations of title and search reports.

  • Advising on purchase, management and sale of assets.

  • Consultation and representation in all construction matters including the drafting of Construction and Consultancy Contracts.

  • Drafting Commercial property management contracts.

  • Arranging Mortgage Bonds for individuals and companies.

  • Entering into the sale process by auction.

  • Drafting infrastructure agreements.

  • Representing clients in Real Estate Litigation cases, such as; Rental Disputes, Pre-emption, Expropriation, Trespassing and Impurities Removal.

  • Assisting non-Jordanians in obtaining ownership approval from the Prime Ministry for a property in Jordan.

  • Acting for and advising clients on a broad spectrum of real estate matters, including acquisition and sale of property, leasing, subleasing, real estate construction and development, compliance with property use regulations, tax planning, and real estate financing and planning.

  • Structuring, negotiating and advising clients on complex transactions such as real estate lending transactions, project financings, real estate joint ventures and investment planning.

Who can Sahouri Law help?

  • Businesses, agencies and individuals.

  • Property developers, individual investors, banking institutions, insurance firms, foreign investors, among others.

Why Sahouri Law?

  • The law firm’s Real Estate lawyers are highly regarded for their unmatched expertise and efficiency in real estate transactions in Jordan.

  • Sahouri Law works hand in hand with its litigation department to offer the best legal representation and advice to its clients, in both court and out of court proceedings.