Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) consists of all the ideas that you or your employees have thought of, which can turn into a product and/or service. IP also means the original ideas that distinguish your products/services/solutions from other people in the same line of industry/business; therefore, making it a corporate/personal asset.

Sahouri Law will not only ensure that your IP is protected, but also help you understand & estimate its monetary value, which would be reflected in the legislative drafting to be used against any IP violation scenario.
What does Sahouri Law Offer?

  • Advising & counseling clients on development, protection and enforcement of different types of IP, including patents, industrial drawings & designs, copyright, trademarks, image rights, domain names and trade secrets.

  • Conducting searches before filing any application of IP registration, to insure there is no prior use in a similar industry; hence discussions with a client might include modifying or even abandoning the client’s mark.

  • Preparing and filing an application with competent drafting at the Department of Intellectual Property in the Ministry of Industry and Trade and responding to actions issued by the competent office the property is registered.

  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights & protecting the owner of the IP against infringing uses/users, which could lead to litigation in the Administrative court.

  • Licensing, due diligence in connection with mergers or acquisitions, and developing strategies for international and domestic intellectual property protection.

  • Registering IP rights with the relevant government registries in Jordan.

  • Transactional and advisory expertise in areas such as IP contractual agreements, IP acquisition, licensing and transfer, IP infringement and passing off, IP risk assessment, unfair competition, data privacy and security amongst others.

  • Representation in both contentious and non-contentious IP enforcement proceedings before courts and tribunals in Jordan.

  • Assisting clients in filing IP applications in 30+ countries across the globe.

Intellectual Property Types

Trademark: Protection of your Business Logo and/or name

Copyright: Protection of your innovative production of any type; such as copy-writes (quotes, articles, books, descriptions, etc.), sketching, drawing & design. As well as, original models & modules, codes & software.

Trade secret: Protection of your special techniques, blueprints, formulas, programs, systems, relationships and even your contact list!

Patent: Protection of your genius! Whether you believe you are an inventor or a creator of an idea/concept/product/service; Sahouri Law will help you position your cause/case (based on extensive research) & then the law firm will utilize its legislative drafting department to make you the sole controller of your genius.

Industrial & Architectural Drawings and Designs: Protect your original hard work by always submitting it to Sahouri Law before submitting it to the beneficiary. This way, you will always be granted the legal protection with a well drafted legislative footprint of all of your work.

Integrated Circuits: Protect the one element you came up with, which happens to be the engine behind a whole process/machine.
Who can Sahouri Law help?

  • Individuals: artists, designers, architects, writers, poets, etc.

  • Institutions: Media agencies, ICT companies, banks, manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies and startups.

Why Sahouri Law?

  • Sahouri Law is one of the best Intellectual Property (IP) practitioners in Jordan.

  • The Law Firm’s team has the technical background in most of the IP areas and is able to understand the client’s case as well as assess the claim’s validity or likelihood of property ownership and/or infringement.

  • In IP-related disputes proceedings, the IP team works closely with the litigation department to deliver practical & cutting-edge solutions to clients.