Competition Law no. (33) of the year 2004

as amended by the Law No. (18) of 2011


Article 1

This Law is called (The Competition Law of the year 2004) and shall take effect upon its publication in the Official Gazette.


Article 2 (Definitions)

The following terms and phrases appearing herein shall have the meanings assigned thereto hereunder unless the context denotes otherwise:

  • The Ministry: The Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • The Minister: The Minister of Industry and Trade.
  • The Directorate: The Competition Directorate at the Ministry.
  • The Director: The director of the Competition Directorate.
  • The Court: The court with competence to hear competition cases in accordance with the provisions of this Law.
  • The Enterprise: Any person, natural or juristic, carries out economic activities, or any grouping of such persons.
  • Market: The product or service or all products or services which are, in view of their price, characteristics and uses, interchangeable and mutually replaceable to meet a particular need of the consumer in a particular geographical location wherein compatible competition conditions exist.
  • Dominant Position: The condition in which an Enterprise is able to control and affect the activity of the market.