Residence and Foreigners’ Affairs Law No. 24 for 1973

Article 1

This law may be cited as the Residence and Foreigners’ Affairs of 1973 and shall come into force one month after its publication in the Official Gazette.


Article 2

In this law, except where the context otherwise requires, the following expressions and words shall be understood to have the meanings given to them below:
“The Kingdom” means the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; “The Ministry” means the Ministry of Internal Affairs; “The Minister” means the Minister of Internal Affairs; “The Directorate” means the Directorate of Public Security/Division for Residence and Foreigner’s Affairs; “The Director” means the Director of Public Security; “The administrative authority” means the Governor or province governor or the district director; “Foreigner” means any person who does not possess Jordanian nationality; “Border officials” means officials whose duty is to register foreigners at the borders and to stamp their passports.