Industrial Designs and Models Law No. 14 for 2000

Article 1

This Law shall be known as “The Industrial Designs and Models Law for The Year 2000,” and shall come into force thirty days after the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.


Article 2

The following words and phrases, wherever mentioned in this Law shall have the meanings designated hereunder unless otherwise indicated by context:

Ministry:                                                      Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Minister:                                                      Minister of Industry and Trade.

Industrial Design:                                       Any composition or arrangement of lines, which gives the product special appearance and appeal, whether by industry or handicraft, including textile designs.

Industrial Model:                                    A three-dimensional form, whether associated with lines or colours or not, which gives special appearance, that may be used for industry or handicraft.

Owner of Industrial Design or Model:  The natural or juridical person who registered under his/its names an industrial design or model, in accordance with the provisions of this Law.

The Registrar:                                             The Registrar of Industrial Designs and Models in the Ministry, nominated by the Minister.

The Register:                                               The Register of Industrial Designs and Models.