Due Diligence & Investigations

This area is considered one of the most important & essential steps to be covered by investors and/or foreigners before dealing, partnering or pursuing an entity or an individual.
What does Sahouri Law Offer?
Sahouri law is able to provide the client with an individual’s or an entity’s credit information, credit limit recommendation and a full comprehensive report that includes one or all of the following cases:

  • Criminal & Civil Record
    Showing any case(s) (whether civil or criminal), including case registration number, subject-matter, amount, court’s decision, parties involved, current status of any litigation procedure…etc.

  • Business Report
    Sahouri Law can submit a full comprehensive report regarding companies and institutions, including registration number, type, registration date, current status, share capital, partners’ names & shares, delegated authorities, board members, objectives, any amendment on the corporate file, trade names, business alerts… etc.

  • Real Estate Report
    Detailed information regarding any property owned (land/house/flat), including real estate registration number, lot no. & name, size, land scheme, location, landscape, estimated value according to the latest local markets… etc.

  • Vehicles Report
    Detailed information regarding any vehicle’s property owned, including details such as plate no., registration no., type, year of manufacture…etc.

  • IP Report.
    List of trademarks registered via the Jordanian Ministry of Industry & Trade, including design, registration number, classification, date of registration, validity, and other intellectual property rights.