One of the challenges modern law firms face is to remain vibrant and innovative at a time of great change. That is why we concentrate on building quality relationships with our clients so that together, we can be at the leading edge of developments. It is recognized that the legal issues our clients faces are often the consequences of sudden and unexpected events. As a result, we focus on providing an attentive and compassionate legal counseling; guiding our clients through every step in the legal process regardless of the size of our clients business or the problem, we can help assess the issues and formulate a plan for the resolution that best fits the need of our clients.

While some law firms offer limited areas of legal practice, we at Sahouri & Partners pride ourselves on our credentials to provide a full menu of legal services. Whether in times of crisis or specific legal matters, we are equipped to meet the needs of our clients and are able to provide services for the most sophisticated and complex situations, whilst offering personalized guidance throughout the process.


We recommend arbitration whenever appropriate, in order to save our clients’ time and money. Arbitration can be extremely useful in reaching settlements in international transactions and amicably resolving commercial disputes, consumer issues, and those regarding employment matters. Our methods include mediation, arbitration, or expert determination, dependent on the circumstances.

Shipping and Maritime

We provide a comprehensive service to the local & global maritime business community. Specializing in maritime law, our maritime lawyers have a sound understanding of how the market works across dry shipping, admiralty and crisis management, and transactional work. We represent the full spectrum of those involved in the industry, including ship-owners and charterers, P&I Clubs, banks, international agencies, shipyards, marine insurance underwriters, governments and brokers.

Renewable Energy

We have structured our renewable energy team to integrate the legal and business disciplines our clients need. These are strengths that define our renewable energy practice. We get deals done, identifying and reducing risk and enhancing profitability by helping clients negotiate and close clean and renewable energy projects and monetize government development incentives and tradable environmental energy credits. We know technology, working with clients to secure market opportunities involving clean and renewable energy opportunities, including wind and solar power. We see the big picture, providing guidance on efficient corporate structures, tax strategies, and appropriate debt and equity financing models (including government funding options).

Banking and Finance

Highly qualified in the area of banking and finance, we provide advice on finance, leasing, loans, indemnities, guarantees, projects and corporate transactions, and securities. In addition, we also provide full services for banking administration.


One of our specialty areas in taxation is our ability to guide our individual and corporate clients through the complex compliance requirements of income tax, general sales tax, and customs law. Moreover, we are proactive in assisting our clients to identify, prepare, and ameliorate tax issues related to broad business objectives, specific transactions, and individual needs.

Construction Law

Navigating the laws governing the construction and engineering industries requires skillful attention to details and the ability to identify areas of potential difficulties. In these litigious times, it is imperative to protect our clients’ best interests at the time of contract origination. When there is no other recourse than litigation, we diligently represent our clients in achieving positive resolutions.

Corporate and Commercial Law

We represent the business interests of local, national, multi-national and international companies from early stages, high-growth companies to established corporate groups. We make certain that our clients’ commercial arrangements are well-structured and well-documented. We are also prepared to meet any contingency. We structure companies to meet the required regulations under Jordanian laws with minimal liabilities and most effective manners as best meets our clients’ needs.

Insurance and Personal Injury

We are experts in all areas of insurance issues Our law firm provides business and personal insurance recommendations for property, life, medical liability, risk management, compensation claims, personal injury, catastrophic injury claims, and major disasters. As a matter of fact, we are highly regarded for our expertise in managing complex claim issues and settlements.

Intellectual Property

Our legal team exercises due diligence to remain current with the laws regarding intellectual property. We address the concerns of our clients’ intellectual property portfolios including exclusive rights to intangible assets (musical, literary, and artistic works), as well as discoveries, inventions, prototypes, patents, industrial design rights, trade secrets, phrases, symbols, graphic designs, copyrights, and trademarks.

Jordan Investment Law

We enjoy an international reputation for our expertise in facilitating foreign investment opportunities. We offer counseling and support throughout the lifetime of these investment projects, handle the establishment of investor legal presence, registration, and licensing, and also assist in the process of finding the best business operation location. Ultimately, our goal is to help our foreign and domestic clients achieve economic prosperity in Jordan.


When situations occur where either arbitration or mediation is contraindicated, Sahouri & Partners has a proven track record of successfully protecting our clients’ rights by aggressively pursuing litigation. Our firm handles all types of litigation and adversarial proceedings involving Jordanian laws. Therefore, we are equipped with the latest technological advancements to facilitate our efforts.

Labor Law

Our consulting services cover the full legal ramifications of hiring, firing, disciplinary actions, overtime, leaves of absence, harassment claims, substance abuse, and compliance with wage and work hour laws. Basically, our philosophy is to avoid troublesome situations by educating employers to engage in proactive labor practices.

Debt Collection

We are experienced in debt collection of all sizes, we streamline the procedures necessary to assure prompt collection. Our attorneys proceed in a manner that ensures success and positive results for our clients.

Real Estate

Our team is an expert in all matters regarding the acquisition, development, leasing, and disposition of both commercial and personal real estate, as well as offering guidance on planning and licensing applications, financing, construction contracts, and all other areas of Jordanian real estate law.

Legislative Drafting

Good legislative drafting techniques produce viable and applicable laws and regulations, and to point out, Sahouri & Partners has the well-informed experience to successfully navigate the complex requirements for successful legislative drafting. We work with established academic rules, legislative theory, problem-solving approaches, as well as the principles of good drafting; our procedures rely on sound academic research, research papers and reports, and the assessment of the regulatory impacts of enacted laws.

Regulatory and Compliance Governance

Our team provides expert advisory services on US, EU & UN sanctions around the world to help assist both our local and international clients to ensure their full compliance and adherence to international laws and regulations in relation to the Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs) and sanctioned countries and ensuring the reduction of our client’s liabilities.

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